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ديوبندى Deobandi Movement

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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The ديوبندى Deobandi movement, which owes its name to the Indian town where a famous مدرسة madrasa was established in the nineteenth century, developed from conservative reform movements among Indian Muslims. Deobandis reject all forms of اجتهاد‎ itjihad -- the use of reason to create innovations in شريعة sharia in response to new conditions -- the revival of which is a key plank in the platform of the Islamic modernists. They oppose all form of hierarchy within the Muslim community, including tribalism or royalty, they strive to exclude شيعة Shi'a from participation in the polity, and they take a very restrictive view of the social role of women. All of these characteristics of the Indian and Pakistani Deobandis were found in exaggerated forms among the Afghan طالبان Taliban. (Rubin, p xv)


Rubin, Barnett R. The Fragmentation of Afghanistan, Second Edition. 2002.