House of the BullaeComments
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House of the Bullae

The House of the Bullae, was a Iron Age public building in Jerusalem that was destroyed during the Babylonian campaigns of 587 and 586 BC. The House of the Bullae has yielded almost 50 very well-preserved bullae with Hebrew lettering (they were fired during the Babylonian destruction). Two of the names amidst the bullae are attested in the Old Testament: Gemaryahu son of Shafan, a high official from the court of Judean king Jehoiakim (Jereiah 36:10,11-12,25); and Azaryahu son of Hilkiyahu, a high priest (1 Chronicles 9:10). Since these bullae correlate to the Babylonian conquests and persons in the Old Testament, they are one of Jerusalem's most valuable discoveries. (link)