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Guide RNA (gRNA)

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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There are ~100 different known guide RNAs (aka gRNAs).

There is one guide RNA per minicircle species, and ~10,000 minicircles per kDNA network. There are multiple copies of each minicircle species. There are also maxicircle guide RNAs.

Anchor RegionHybridizes to the mRNA. Guide RNA hybridizes to mRNA at the anchor.
Guiding RegionDirects the U insertion and deletion. Guiding region contains mismatches.
Unpaired mRNA U'sThese U's are deleted. There are no corresponding G's nor A's in the gRNA.
Unpaired gRNA G's & U'sA's are inserted into the mRNA to correspond to the G'a and U's in the gRNA.
Oligo U TailStabilizes the 3' end of the gRNA. The oligo U tail varies in length. It is not the source of U's for insertion.