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By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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A ἅρπυια harpy (Greek for snatcher), daughter of Thaumas (of Pontus and Gaia) and the Oceanid Elektra.

The Harpies ('Snatchers'), winged female monsters, goddesses of the storm-winds who swept people away so that they were never seen again. In ancient art the Harpies appear as birds with women's faces. Hesiod's two Harpies are called Aello ('Storm') and Okypete ('Swift-flying'). ... Later writers add a third, Kelaini ('Dark', like the storm-clouds), and Homer knew of a Harpy called Podarge ('Fleetfoot'), who mated in the form of a mare with the West Wind, Zephyros [grandson of the Titan Kreios], and brought forth Xanthos and Balios, the immortal horses of Achilles who ran like the winds. March 2008, p 37-38