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Hattusha Upper City

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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#12 - Sarikale

Sarikale (Yellow Fortress) is a rock outcropping whose cliffs rise 60m above the ground. The summit of Sarikale can only be accessed from the southeast, where ruins remain of a fortification wall with a gate and bastions. In Byzantine times this complex was reused and additional fortifications were built; this may have been the palace of the official who ruled the Byzantine settlement to the southeast of Sarikale. Hittite remnants at the top of Sarikale include masonry, bedding for stone blocks and a cistern with remains of a corbeled vault.

hattusha bogazkale sarikale cliff face Sarikale. Northwest view. Image by L. M. Clancy, 2009/09/06.

hattusha bogazkale altar at top Possible altar at top of Sarikale. Image by L. M. Clancy, 2009/09/06.

hattusha bogazkale sarikale temple 7 Temple 7 on Sarikale. Image by L. M. Clancy, 2009/09/06.

#13 - Lion Gate
#14 - Temple 30
#15 - Yenicekale
South Ponds
Sphinx Gate
Temple District
Temple 3
Temple 2
Temple 5
King Gate
East Ponds
Temple 7
Chamber 1
Chamber 2
South Citadel


Seeher, Jürgen. 2006. Hattusha Guide: A Day in the Hittite Capital. Ege Yayinlary: Istanbul. (also available online)