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Ἑκάτη Hekate

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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The daughter of Asteria and Perses:

Hesiod praises Ἑκάτη Hekate as a powerful goddess with dominion over earth, sea and sky, who -- if she wishes -- can bring countless blessings to men, and wealth and success in all their endeavours. To Hesiod she seems to have none of the sinister associations that she acquired later, when she became a menacing figure, an Underworld [χθόνιος chthonic] goddess associated with magic and witchcraft, ghosts and creatures of the night. This later Hekate made her fearful appearances on earth in the dark of the night, accompanied by packs of barking hell-hounds, and just as Selene (and later Artemis/Diana) represents the calm and moonlit splendour of night, so Hekate represents its darkness and terrors. March 2008, p 34