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Lambert Sustris

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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lambert sustris antique ruins with bathing womenLambert Sustris, ~1552/3. Landscape with antique ruins and bathing women. Kunsthistorisches Museum. Image by L M Clancy, 2010/03/07.

Lambert Sustris (b 1515/20 - d. after 1568) was active in Venice, Augsburg and Padua. Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands painter Sustris went to Italy at an early age and, following a stay in Rome, settled in Venice in around 1545. In Landscape with antique ruins and bathing women we find impressions of the art of those two cities combined with a preference found in northern Europe for depicting landscapes. The ruins reflect the artist's first-hand experience of still extant ancient buildings in Rome: from the Pantheon to the baths, the Temple of Vespasian and the Obelisk.