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Henry Hornbostel

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Born in Brooklyn, New York and educated at Columbia University and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Henry Hornbostel was a "lovable, unpredictable, flamboyant" architect of international renown. Fascinated with new materials and engineering techniques, he created an extraordinary ornamental language inspired by Classicism.

In 1904 Hornbostel won the competition to design the original campus plan for the Carnegie Technical Schools (Carnegie Mellon University). As the founder and head of the University's School of Architecture, he inspired hundreds of future architects. From 1904 until 1939 he designed more than 110 buildings and monuments in the Pittsburgh area, and helped the wealthy, smoky, unkempt city evolve into a more elegant place. Rodef Shalom Temple

His designs and collaborations span over 220 buildings, bridges and monuments across the United States. Pittsburgh is home to the highlights of his career, including Rodef Shalom Temple, Hamerschlag Hall, Solders' and Sailors' Memorial Hall, City-County Building and Westinghouse Memorial.