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siblingsAssyrian king Shamshi-Adad IKarum Kanesh

Assyrian Kinglist

Shamshi-Adad I, the first Assyrian king known via his own inscriptions, recorded 38 prior kings and organized them as shown below.

#'sGroup & OrderKingSon OfDescription
1-17Kings Living in Tents ChronologicalUshipya Apiashal 
The first twelve ancestors are the same as Hammurabi of Babylon. Hammurabi had Amorite ancestry, so these twelve ancestors shared between Assyrian and Babylonian must have been nomadic chieftains from before Amorites emerged from the western desert, split apart and settled Mesopotamia in ~2,000 BC. Ilu-Kabkabi, Shamshi-Adad's father, is linked to this line through Apiashal son of Ushpiya. Shamshi-Adad included these undifferentiated ancestors, interjecting his own father a little later, to demonstrate that he was from an old line of ancestral chieftains and thus had legitimately usurped the Assyrian throne.
17-26Kings Who Were Ancestors GenealogicalAmnu Ilu-kabkabi Yazkur-ilu ApiashalIlu-kabkabi Yazkur-ilu Yakmeni UshipyaMost recent kings are named first, then backward through ancestory.
27-32Kings With Unknown EponymsSuli Kikkiya Akiya Puzur-Ashur I Shalim-ahum Ilu-shumaAmnu
33-38Kings With Names on BricksErishum I Ikunum Sargon I Puzur-Ashur II Naram-Suen Erishum IIIllu-shuma Illu-shuma Ikunum Sargon Puzur-Ashur Naram-SuenThis way people know who built the buildings. Later scribes must have gone around Nineveh and found some sort of old bricks with inscriptions.
39Shamshi-AdadIlu-kabkadiContinue to the timeline of Assyria.