Artus Van Briggle

1869-03-21Born in Felicity, Ohio from Holland Dutch extraction.
1893His talents as a decorator at the Rockwood Pottery Company landed him a scholarship to study at the Julian Art Academy in Paris under Jean Paul Laurens and Benjamin Constant.
Van Briggle studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts.
1896Van Briggle returned to Cincinnati and continued his work at the Rockwood Pottery Company with slip-painted underglaze decoration in a style reminiscent of Art Nouveuau. Van Briggle also worked in his own studio, perfecting his recreation of the lost secret Chinese matte glazes of the 14th century Ming Dynasty.
1899Tuberculosis forced Van Briggle to relocate to Colorado.
1900His work was exhibited at the Paris exposition and a figure vase known as Despondency was sold for $3,000 and placed in the Louvre.
1901Van Briggle achieved the glaze he had so painstakingly sought.
1902Van Briggle married artist Anne Gregory.
1902Van Briggle Pottery Company was formally organized, with Artus and Anne designing clay forms drawn from nature, mind and spirit. Often simple forms with quiet floral motifs, they had a soft matte glaze most renowned for its Turquoise Ming (a luminous blue) and Persian Rose (a shadowy rouge) colors.
1904-07-04Van Briggle died.
1904-07-07Van Briggle was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
1904His widow assumed the presidency of the firm and it continued to grow and receive regular awards for its work.
1920Art pottery was replaced with mass-produced ware.
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