Babylon consists of three mounds: Kasr, which means castle; Babil; Amran Ibn'Ali; and Djumdjuma (Jastrow […]


The Garden of Eden is a section of Babylonia, as is sufficiently attested by the […]

Babylonian Boundary Stones

Boundary stones -- kudurru monuments -- were used in the Kassite and succeeding eras as […]

Babylonian King Hammurabi

Ascending the throne in 1792, Hammurabi heralded the Old Babylonian Period, the beginning of Babylonia's […]


In Babylonia, there is a long history of different tribal groups taking over political power […]

Hammurabi's Old Babylonian era

Sumu-abum1894 - 1881 Sumu-la-el~1880 - 1845 Sabium1844 - 1831 Apil-Sin~1830 - 1813 Sin-muballit1812 - 1793 […]

Kassite dynasty

The Babylonian King List places the Kassites as successors to Hammurabi's Dynasty, but their kings' […]

Neo-Babylonian Empire

Nabopolassar626 - 605 BCOnce Assyria‚Äôs control over southern Mesopotamia had slipped following the death of […]

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