Apsu, sweet water, refers to the fertilizing groundwater and its potentiated mud, and in some […]


Enlil has all the characteristics of a weather god. Weather gods are typically unpredictable and […]


The Mesopotamian tradition of extispicy of dead sacrificial sheep remained remarkably consistent throughout Old Babylonian, […]


Sumerian Inanna, Babylonian Ishtar, cognate of Levantine Astarte and Greco-Roman Venus and Aphrodite, she is […]

Mesopotamian Iron Age clay guardian dogs

Clay dogs were likely substitutes for real mastiffs, still renowned in the Middle East as […]

Mesopotamian religion

The heavens were populated with hundreds of supremely powerful, man-like beings, and each of these […]


In addition to Enlil and Inanna, Ninurta was also sacred to Nippur. His temple, the […]

Query tablets

Query tablets are noted for being large and coarse and by their equally large and […]

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