Christian supersession from Judaism

Christianity’s supersession refers to its inextricable relation to and eventual emancipation from Judaism. The former […]


Early Christianity Christianity superseded from Judaism. Rise of Christology: 200-400 BC Christians are part of […]

David Hume

Birth in Edinburgh1711 University of EdinburghHume attended the University of Edinburgh but did not receive […]


In the medieval period, communities of monks and nuns withdrew from society to devote their […]

New Testament

Gospels Synoptic gospels Matthew Mark Luke They more or less tell the same story about […]

Peter Lombard

Birth in ItalyAD 1095Lombard was born in Italy. Residence in France1136By this time, Lombard was […]

Pierre Abélard

Birth in FrancePierre Abélard (Peter Abelard) was born in the north of France in Brittany […]

Protestant Reformation

In the 16th century, the Protestant Reformation transformed religion in Europe. The Catholic Church, long […]

René Descartes

Born in France1596René Descartes was born into a world where religious conflict had been the […]

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