Jesus' family Anne Lived 1st century BC Rank and group: Feast day: 20 July Patron […]

Ottoman icons

ImageArtifactDateOverview Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy. About 1400. Constantinople. Egg tempera, gesso, wood, linen, […]

Saint Ambrose

Lived c 339 - 397 Rank and group: Bishop, Doctor Feast day: 7 December Patron […]

Saint Anthony Abbot

Lived 251 - 356 Rank and group: Hermit Feast day: 17 January Patron saint: Basket-makers […]

Saint Augustine

Lived 13 Nov 354 - 28 Aug 430 Rank and group: Bishop, Doctor Feast day: […]

Saint Benedict

Livedc 480 - c 547 Rank and group: Abbot, Benedictines' Founder Feast day: 11 July, […]

Saint Catherine of Siena

Lived 1347 - 1380 Rank and group: Virgin, Doctor, Dominican Feast day: 29/30 April Patron […]

Saint Christopher

Lived 3rd cent Rank and group: Martyr, Holy Helper Feast day: 25 July Patron saint: […]

Saint Francis of Assisi

Lived 1181 - 1226 Rank and group: Franciscans' Founder Feast day: 4 October Patron saint: […]

Saint George the Great

Lived 3rd cent Rank and group: Martyr Feast day: 23 April Patron saint: England, Aragon, […]

Saint Jerome

Lived c 341 - 420 Rank and group: Confessor, Doctor Feast day: September 30 Patron […]

Saint Laurence of Rome

St Laurence and a bishop saint. Gherardo di Jacopo di Neri, active in Florence c […]

Saint Mary Magdalene

Lived 1st Century Rank and group: Saint Feast day: July 22 Patron saint: Hairdressers, perfumers, […]

Saint Nicholas

Lived 4th cent Rank and group: Bishop Feast day: 6 December Patron saint: Russia, children, […]

Saint Paul

Lived c 3 - c 66 Feast day: June 29 Patron saint: Tent-makers, saddlers, missionaries […]

Saint Peter

When Jesus chose his twelve apostles, he appointed Peter to lead them. Jesus made a […]

Saint Stephen

St Stephen and St Bruno. Gherardo di Jacopo di Neri, active in Florence c 1360 […]

Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas was one of Jesus' twelve chosen apostles, the apostle of India, but held […]

Saint Thomas Becket

Lived 1118 - 1170 Rank and group: Bishop, martyr Feast day: 29 December Patron saint: […]

Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas is acknowledged as the greatest Catholic theologian, and his Summa Theologica remains […]

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