Atlas Shrugged I.1 §1

Non-Contradiction: The Theme It is the twilight of September 2nd and Eddie Willers (age 32, […]

Atlas Shrugged I.1 §2

An unnamed woman with a face of "angular planes" (p 12) and "dark gray eyes" […]

Atlas Shrugged I.1 §3

Upon arriving in New York, Dagny Taggart meets with James Taggart to state that she […]

Atlas Shrugged I.2 §1

Non-Contradiction: The Chain Henry Rearden, a tall and gaunt 45 year old man with ash-blond […]

Atlas Shrugged I.3 §1

Non-Contradiction: The Top and the Bottom Atop a skyscraper is New York's most expensive bar, […]

Atlas Shrugged I.3 §2

Dagny Taggart's childhood is exposited, beginning when she was nine years old and decided to […]

Atlas Shrugged I.3 §3

Eddie Willers heads to dinner in the employees' underground cafeteria -- instead of a building […]

Atlas Shrugged I.4 §1

Non-Contradiction: The Immovable Movers Dagny Taggart visits the United Locomotive Works plant in New Jersey […]

Atlas Shrugged I.4 §2

His eyes still "sticky with sleep" and pained by light, James Taggart stumbles into his […]

Atlas Shrugged I.4 §3

The nationalization of the San Sebasti├ín Mines and San Sebasti├ín Railroad earlier that day (p […]

Atlas Shrugged I.4 §4

James Taggart returns to his office to find Orren Boyle waiting for him (p 73 […]

Atlas Shrugged I.4 §5

The annual meeting is held of the National Alliance of Railroads, an alliance of railroad […]

Atlas Shrugged I.4 §6

Dagny rushes to the Phoenix-Durango's city office, prompting a gentle and lifeless Dan Conway to […]

Atlas Shrugged I.4 §7

Dagny has just made an appointment with Hank Rearden for that afternoon when Ellis Wyatt […]

Atlas Shrugged I.4 §8

Dagny is in Hank Rearden's office and states that her "almost impossible schedule to complete […]

Atlas Shrugged I.5 §1

Non-Contradiction: The Climax of the d'Anconias Upon arriving in her office, a "tense and bewildered" […]

Atlas Shrugged I.5 §2

Dagny walks to the Wayne-Falkland Hotel to see Francisco d'Anconia (p 90 s 152). A […]

Atlas Shrugged I.6 §1

Non-Contradiction: The Non-Commercial He had given Lillian none of his time for months -- no, […]

Atlas Shrugged I.6 §2

After the party, Rearden spends an hour alone in his room before entering his wife's […]

Atlas Shrugged I.7 §1

Non-Contradiction: The Exploiters and the Exploited Dagny stands on a bridge whose rails head to […]

Atlas Shrugged I.7 §2

It is January 29th (p 174 s 172) at seven a.m. when Dagny awakens at […]

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