FCP B96 F03: Letter from Merle Armitage to Leonora Curtin, 1947/09/05

[Regarding Leonora's book Herbs and Healers of the Upper Rio Grande.] Its [sic] a monument. […]

FCP B96 F19

Letter from Howell C. Brown to Leonora Curtin, 1923/06/23 Friday afternoon the three bores all […]

FCP B96 F23

Letter from Howell C. Brown to Leonora Curtin, 1939/02/18 As Canadian Eyes See Us THE […]

FCP B96 F25

Letter from Hal Burgess to Leonora Curtin, 1930/12/19 Well Hi amie [French for buddy], what […]

FCP B96 F29: Letter from Janie S. Carmichael to Leonora Curtin, undated

I hope I may soon have an opportunity of seeing you, Europe for you shouldn't […]

FCP B96 F30: Letter from Evelyn Castle to Leonora Curtin, 1938

[Evelyn quoted her convalescent aunt's remark about Leonora] "That was the finest thing that ever […]

FCP B96 F34: Letter from Louise Clarkson to Leonora Curtin

[Leonora Curtin had sent flowers upon a death in the Clarkson family.] Do you know […]

FCP B96 F35

Letter from Hunter Clarkson Co to Leonora Curtin, ???/??/?? [SR error] I was delighted to […]

FCP B96 F36: Letter from Teresa Cloud to Leonora Curtin, 1931/07/05

I hope you have a gorgeous summer there with your literati + your ologies + […]

FCP B96 F37

Letter from Jean R Cluffe to Leonora Curtin, 1929/09/06 My dear Twin Thanks for two […]

FCP B96 F39: Letter from Sofia A Cordova to Leonora Curtin, 1931/02/15

My dear Mrs. Curtin: I am sending this letter to Santa Fe in hopes that […]

FCP B96 F40: Letter from Kathleen Beale Crawford to Leonora Curtin

Kathleen Beale Crawford The Westbury Madison Avenue at Sixty-Ninth Street New York 21, New York […]

FCP B96 F42: Letter from Beryl Crookshank to Leonora Curtin, 1921/09/22

Dear Mrs. Curtin, Thank you so much for the very interesting lecture you gave us […]

FCP B96 F43

Letter from Caroline Culbert to Leonora Curtin, N.D. I hope you had a good trip […]

FCP B96 F45

Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Devereux to Leonora Curtin, 1916/01/12 Mr. and Mrs. James Henry […]

FTP B96 F06: Letter from O. W. Barrett to Leonora Curtin, 1930/09/21

I thank you for your very kind letter of 20th Augu., which was forwarded from […]

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